CryoMan-SMR™ is marketed by UMIP, The University of Manchester’s agent for IP commercialisation and Process Integration Limited, a specialist cryogenic refrigeration consultancy.

The CryoMan-SMR™ is currently at the modelling stage and has attracted the attention of a number of companies at the pilot plant stage of development.

The CryoMan-SMR™ consortium is making evaluation licences available to companies wishing to develop and operate improved liquefaction processes.


The IP position

The University of Manchester holds a patent position through applications entitled Refrigeration Process (published as WO2011/117655 A2). The claims are directed to novel methods for the refrigeration of gases using a single mixed refrigerant in conjunction with a single heat exchanger to achieve superior thermodynamic efficiencies. Exquisite adjustment through manipulation of a range of operating variables enables significantly improved thermodynamic performance, thereby increasing LNG production.
The University has pending patents in 70% of natural gas producing territories in the world and is pursuing additional intellectual property protection strategies in certain non-patent territories.

Know How

  1. The University of Manchester also owns computer algorithms written to support the analysis, assessment and optimisation of operative gas cooling variables for improved thermodynamics.
  2. Process Integration Limited is the proprietor of CRYO-int™, a software-based management system used in thermodynamic analyses, and a suite of algorithms utilised specifically for cryogenic applications. Together, these elements are applied to the optimisation of energy consumption in partners’ cooling processes.