The CryoMan-SMR™ Process

Designed and engineered for greater thermodynamic efficiency

Developed at The University of Manchester, the new CryoMan-SMR™ single-cycle mixed refrigerant gas liquefaction process combines simplicity of design with compact construction to deliver considerable commercial benefits.

The CryoMan-SMR™ process is based on innovative refrigeration plant configurations, the evaluation of a broad range of operating parameters and the application of proprietary algorithms. These help to reduce significantly the energy costs incurred in the liquefaction of economically important products such as natural gas and ethylene.

CryoMan-SMR™ at a glance

  • A single mixed refrigerant cycle.
  • Two mixed refrigerant streams with different compositions are created internally by flash separation, stream splitting and mixing.
  • Two refrigerant streams evaporate over different temperature ranges, resulting in better matching of the hot and cold composite curves leading to enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Introduction of an intermediate pressure level helps reduce the compressor shaft power consumption, as less refrigerant is sent to the lowest pressure level.
  • More operating variables are introduced for more flexible operation.
  • Simple configuration compared to other complex cascade LNG processes.

Current processes

  • Currently available refrigeration cycles range from the relatively simple PRICO process, with its single mixed refrigerant cycle, to more complex propane pre-cooled mixed refrigerant cycles and processes with double mixed cycles.
  • Until now, single cycle processes have exhibited lower thermodynamic efficiency than more complex processes. Improvements in thermodynamic performance have been constrained by the limited number of operating variables.
  • While multi-cycle processes offer improved cycle efficiency by providing additional operating variables, this comes at the cost of process complexity. Multi-stage and cascade processes are well-known for requiring significantly higher plant costs compared to the much simpler single-cycle processes.
  • The new CryoMan-SMR™ technology addresses the drawbacks of single cycle mixed refrigerant processes. It achieves this by balancing simplicity of design and construction with the provision of significant degrees of freedom to allow optimised operating efficiency. The result – a low cost process with increased LNG productivity.